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Renal Meal Plans

Renal Meals are created by nutritionists and chefs, flash-frozen and delivered to your door. Buy individual meals or packs for a week. Buy 2 x 7 meal pack and save $10! Buy online or call toll-free 877-516-2442 and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Meals come in ovenable and microwavable trays:

Beef Brisket Chicken Marsala

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If you have been wondering where to get ready-to-eat, renal diet meals that taste and look like normal, delicious and sumptuous meals, worry no more. That is exactly what our Renal Meal Plans are all about.

But is it possible to get a renal or pre-dialysis meal that really tastes and looks like a one of those delicious meals? Absolutely. What our team of professional chefs has done is to take a variety of normal food ingredients and then combine them into delicious renal meal plans that strictly satisfy the requirements of renal diets.

The result is a menu full of delicious renal meal plans, including a variety of meats, chicken, fish, cheese and veggies that feel and taste as awesome as our regular meals. Yet, every one of the renal meals also carefully ensures it packs the medical standard of one third of the 1800 calorie daily nutrients requirement. Additionally, our chefs ensure that each renal meal has the medically recommended mineral content.  That means having less than 700 milligrams of sodium, less than 667 milligrams of potassium, less than 333 milligrams of phosphorus and less than 23 milligrams of protein.

As you would expect, we also have renal meal plan delivery, just as happens with all meals. The meals are prepared in our state of the art kitchens and then frozen at super-fast speeds to prevent ice crystal formation – and retain freshness and flavor. The frozen renal meals are then delivered at your doorstep by UPS or FedEx.

So go on, get yourself a renal meal that tastes just right. Or surprise a friend or relative with the perfect  gift.

Come back to flavor! Try the Renal Meal Plan from! For your interest, here are CKD tips to get through the winter!

Because your kidneys are not functioning properly, you may be feeling some uncomfortable side effects such as a general ill feeling, loss of your appetite, nausea, and high blood pressure. Dialysis removes waste products from the body and helps decrease these side effects. Remember that dialysis is not as efficient as normal kidneys and the waste products build up between each treatment. For this reason, dialysis patients need to follow a special diet.

The Renal Meal Plan is your answer for lunch and dinner. This renal diet can help you slow the progression of kidney disease, so it is well worth the effort to eat renal-friendly foods.  A dialysis renal diet is a diet in which certain nutrients are controlled in order to limit the build-up of excess materials and wastes produced by your body. 

When you were first diagnosed with chronic kidney disease one of your first questions may have been ‘What can I do to save my kidneys so I don’t need dialysis?’ Blood pressure control, managing glucose for diabetics and adjustment in dietary protein intake can make a difference in kidney disease progression according to the research.

Early stages of CKD usually focus on low sodium intake to help control blood pressure and carbohydrate balance if you have diabetes and CKD. Controlling blood pressure and blood glucose can help slow progression of kidney failure. You may be told to avoid excess dietary protein to reduce the kidney workload and minimize build-up of protein waste products in the blood. As kidney disease progresses, more focus is placed on phosphorus and potassium, since the kidney loses ability to remove excess amounts from the body. | Call Toll-free 877-516-2442